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Ascotherm Mk IV    (MOQ 5 pcs)
Ref. 85603
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Ascotherm is one of the most successful Thermal Protection Aids (TPA) on the market today. Designed to keep survivors warm and protected from rain, wind and cold in life rafts and lifeboats. Mk IV is additionally certified by the US Coast Guard (USCG). This TPA is compatible with the IMO SOLAS Polar Code. All seams are welded and 100% waterproof. The inside is metal coated to retain body heat. A certified lifejacket should always be used in combination with a TPA.


  • Designed to keep survivors warm and protected against rain, wind and cold in liferafts and lifeboats
  • All seams are taped and 100 % water-tight.
  • Inside part of fabric is metallized (laminated) to retain body heat
  • Web reinforcement allows unconscious survivors to be carried while wearing the TPA
  • With sleeves
  • Long zip for easy donning. May accommodate a mother and small child 
  • All Ascotherm TPA’s comply with the Marine Equipment Directive of the European Community 96/98/EC, and meets all the standards of the SOLAS 74/83, IMO Res. MSC 48 (66), IMO Res. MSC 81 (70), and MCS 226(82)
  • Mk IV is additionally approved by Transport Canada and US Coast Guard (USCG)
  • A lifejacket should always be worn in conjunction with a Thermal Protective Aid (TPA)

Packed in protective vacuum for storage, ensures functionality in emergency

  • 專為救生筏和救生艇中的倖存者提供保暖、防雨、防風和防寒保護而設計
  • 所有接縫處都貼有膠布,100% 防水。
  • 織物內側採用金屬(層壓)處理,以保持體溫腹部加固,使昏迷的倖存者在穿著 TPA 時也能被抱起
  • 帶袖子
  • 長拉鍊方便穿戴。可容納母親和小孩
  • 所有 Ascotherm TPA 均符合EU 96/98/EC 海洋設備指令,並滿足 SOLAS 74/83、IMO Res.
  • Mk IV 還獲得了加拿大交通部和美國海岸警衛隊 (USCG) 的批准。
  • 救生衣應始終與熱防護裝備(TPA)一起穿戴
  • 採用保護性真空包裝,便於儲存,確保緊急情況下的功能性


    Hansen Ascotherm Mk IV USCG 保溫衣 (MOQ 5 pcs)

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